This 2 story, copper clad, addition to an existing brownstone uses the classic bay window geometry as a strategy for dividing public and private spaces. The bay addition is a modern counterpoint that takes structural cues rather than stylistic ones from the brownstone. The New York townhouse type was conceived, historically, as a single family residence with the hearth on the garden floor, dining/living rooms on the parlor floor and all bedrooms and bathrooms on the top floor(s).

The double height bay solves the spatial challenges in the conversion of a brownstone into two duplexes, each with modern kitchen and bedrooms. This new addition to an enduring housing type uses teak and copper as both exterior and interior materials to enhance the sense of departure from the pre-existing home. The patina of these durable materials allows them to age alongside this house that has lasted in Brooklyn over the last century.

Location: Brooklyn, NY

Designer: Grant Davis Thompson Inc.

Construction Services: Grant Davis Thompson Inc.